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About Days Gone

Aug 18 '13
Jul 27 '13

My sister is having a pool party and there’s this random band that sings random songs I’ve never heard of playing and I’m just here in my room by the pool listening to Ed Sheeran and reading because that’s what I do. I just really can’t understand why you would throw a party for people you don’t like to sit and eat and dance and listen to songs that don’t really have a meaning and it’s like what are you doing with your life. Maybe I just overthink everything too much but I really don’t understand the need people have to use each other and be mean to each other and then act like nothing ever happened and you invite that person to your own house to a party where everyone hates each other and they will go home talking shit about you anyway. I don’t know, I just prefer my small little group of friends and some good songs or even my own company and Ed Sheeran. I’m good with that.

Jul 27 '13

So I used to be BFFs with this girl. I can’t possibly remember the day we met because our first ever picture together was on my second birthday when she was a baby in a stroller and I was standing by her side eating a candy. And there’s this other picture on my third birthday where she’s two and her father is holding us and we both have candies. And after those, many, many others came.

We were neighbors. Her older brothers were friends with my older sisters and they would spend all day riding bikes, skating, running around and playing on the street, so we were together a lot. And then we started going to each other’s house almost every day. We would play with our Barbie dolls and make crafts and her mother would paint our nails. My sister would always play with us, make Lego towns and huge houses and play pretend school. We loved the Olsen twins so we would always pretend to be twins (I was Mary-Kate and she was Ashley) and we would speak an awful pretend-English and walk around our backyards and our neighborhood pretending to solve cases and run away from bad guys. We made a plan to get her brother and my sister to date. It worked for a while.

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